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Last Updated: 02/28/2007 08:25 A.M (GMT)
Please read these messages:
  • Please ALWAYS allow All Visitors can access to Your_Account module. If not, you and your members CAN NOT login. If you are having this problem, go to Administration Panel -> Edit Your_Account module -> Who Can View This? All Visitors -> Save Changes. The problem will be fixed.
  • Please DO NOT put the Survey module in home (in Modules page). You will not see the right blocks. If you are having the trouble, go to Administration Panel -> Modules -> put News module in home. The problem will be fixed.
  • If you would like to use IFRAME tag in block/news/articles/etc content and don't need to request support from us, you can do it by yourseft. Please disable the javascript function of your browser, then edit your block/news/article/etc, you will see the HTML code of the content (you will see HTML code lines because the text editor won't be loaded), enter and/or update and/or correct it -> Save changes -> Your block/news/articles/etc will be created/updated without any problems. You won't mess your site up when you create/edit any content. Finally, enable the javascript function of your browser. If you have any questions, please let us now at Support Forums. click here.
  • You can't get the backup file? It takes a long time to download? No, it's really fast now. It's optimized to get the backup file faster. Get your backup file now,
  • You Are Using Short Domains? We don't encourage members use short domains, for isntance: http://yoursite.cjb.li, http://yoursite.me.to, etc. This will cause problem with Internet Explorer, your members and you can't login into your site. Please use the subdomain of greatnuke.com, your subdomain at greatnuke.com is http://dosya.greatnuke.com.
  • Please DO NOT put the ShoutBox module in home (in Modules page). Your members and you won't access to the site and get the message "You can't access this file directly...". If you are having the trouble, please tell me know, please post your problem at http://www.freeforum.ca/forums/phpnuke-greatnuke-com-support-forum/.
  • We encourage you use www.profileisland.com to make-up your site . You can find more code for your blocks/news/etc and much more for your myspace.com.
  • GreatNuke.com offers a backup module on your site, please get your backup file frequently to avoid any unexpect things. Click here to get your backup file.
  • If you would like to use iframe tag and javascript on your site, please post your requests at http://www.freeforum.ca/forums/phpnuke-greatnuke-com-support-forum/. We will help you do it. If you do it by yourself, your site will be messed up.
  • Any questions and requests (themes/blocks/modules/avatars/smilies/topic images requests, etc....) about PHP-Nuke, please post/search at http://www.freeforum.ca/forums/phpnuke-greatnuke-com/. We encourage you should search on forums before post new thread. Please remember tell us your site url when you post, that will help us locate your site easier and will help you faster.
Thank you
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